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vendredi le 24 mai 2019, 08:17

The tapered roller bearing and its applications

The tapered roller bearing is particularly used in automotive applications and heavy machinery. Here are some illustrations of this type of bearing.                                   ...

By Roger Brochu
lundi le 6 mai 2019, 18:38

GRB stainless steel mechanical parts

We must go back to 1913 to witness the birth of stainless steel as we know it today. Discovered by an English engineer during tests to reduce the wear of steel, stainless steel has revolutionized the way to manufacture mechanical parts. Today, this material stands out as ...

By Roger Brochu
vendredi le 3 mai 2019, 16:59

Machining of industrial mechanical parts: The different materials used

A technology that has evolved

Rolling is a concept that goes back thousands of years. Although it is not possible to qualify them as industrial mechanical parts, the first rolling prototypes were already based on the same present principle, which ...

By GRB Bearings
vendredi le 3 mai 2019, 16:16

The benefits of doing business with a wholesaler

Gestion Industrielle RB (GRB), is a company that imports and supplies industrial mechanical parts exclusively to distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We have established a trusting partnership with our customers for the simple fact that we do not solic...

mardi le 26 mars 2019, 14:21

Types of roller bearings and their applications

The roller bearing is a preferred choice for industries that have heavy equipment loads. In addition to being very robust, this type of bearing is manufactured in several models for specific applications. Before making a choice, we invite you to take note of the character...

mardi le 26 mars 2019, 12:00

The different types of ball bearings and their applications

Essentially, the bearing is the member interposed between the housing and the shaft of the rotating mechanical system, intended to substitute rolling friction for sliding friction. Ball bearings are the most common type of bearing used in an industrial environment.


mardi le 26 mars 2019, 11:56

The main reasons for malfunction of ball bearings

The function of a bearing is to guide a rotation assembly, thus allowing one part to rotate relative to another. However, it is important to pay attention to certain elements that can influence the mechanism and cause malfunction.


mardi le 26 mars 2019, 11:48

Portrait of the needle bearing

The needle bearing has some unique features that distinguish it from other types. They are very wide and are able to withstand high axial loads where the space between the shaft and its housing is restricted. The needle bearing is therefore particularly useful in applicat...

mardi le 26 mars 2019, 11:44

Spherical plain Bearings

Spherical ball bearings are composed of a convex spheroidal inner ring and an outer ring with a corresponding spheroidal concave surface in its inner surface. The bearing is an assembly that serves as a link between a shaft and its housing, allowing tilting or oscillating...

By GRB Bearings
mardi le 29 janvier 2019, 09:55

The main causes of bearing failure

The primary use of a bearing is to allow one part to rotate relative to another according to a defined axis of rotation. Although bearings, when their type and rating have been carefully evaluated, have a long service life, their destruction can cause cata...