Tout savoir sur Gestion industrielle RB Inc.

About us

Our Company

GRB specializes in importation, offering our customers the best quality-to-price ratio and a service second to none in the supply of industrial mechanical parts. The experience of our employees represents many years of expertise, and makes GRB an ideal choice among suppliers.

We are conscious that business will always remain a human endeavor. We make it our duty to give our customers a courteous and convivial service at all times.

We have one department only; SERVICE

Our success is due to the fact that our people are involved, conscientious and attuned to the needs of our customers. We are, in fact, the ideal partner for your purchasing needs whatever your projects. Also, our customers know they participate in the growth of an all Canadian company.

Our Mission

To offer manufacturers an equivalent brand of products in order to help them become more competitive in the local and international market.

To be perceived as a judicious choice of suppliers by our distributors, and to help them contact end users in order to develop greater cooperation, in a climate of trust.

In order to further the development of a long term and stable business relationship in all your projects, GRB people take the time to know your needs well. We pledge complete cooperation with your purchasing and engineering department. To that end, our inventories are adjusted periodically to reflect our customer's particular needs.

Our warranty, Your satisfaction

Our metric and inch size ball bearings are manufactured according to the international «ISO» quality control system and under the minimum «ABEC1» precision standard. Our trust in our product is such, that we offer the best warranty in the industry.

If you are not totally satisfied with the quality of GRB bearings, we will take them back. Some conditions may apply.

Discuss all details with our customer service department.